Taking A Vineyard Tour? 5 Elements You'll Experience

Wine tours are an excellent way to see some of the best elements of a region in a relaxed and luxurious day off. As you head out for your wine tour, though, what will you specifically get to see and do? Here are a few key things you'll experience at the vineyards.

1. The Vines. Obviously, the big selling point of visiting a vineyard is the grapevines growing across rolling hills. The grapes are, after all, the reason that the vineyard is even operating and the reason you're tasting its product. Take the time to enjoy the relaxing views of grapevines and to capture some of this natural beauty. Just ask before wandering into the fields on your own. 

2. The History. Vineyard tours are big on the history of the facility. Wine making is an old and traditional art form, so history is very important to it. In the U.S., vineyards date back as far as 150 to 200 years. They are a part of the region's — and the nation's — history through expansion, growth, depression, wars, and technological improvement. Ask about and enjoy the history of the vineyard, the grapes, the company, and the people who run it. 

3. The Philosophy. Each vineyard makes its own unique product and its own unique way of doing things. Wine making is both an art and a science, so each winemaker's approach to the task will inform its products and its company. You'll find very traditional setups, modern viewpoints and techniques, as well as the more adventurous explorers of the culinary world. Then, consider how these affect the finished wines you taste. 

4. The Process. If you take a tour beyond the public tasting area, you will learn how wine is made. Understanding the process to create the flavors, textures, richness, and scents of each bottle of wine will help you appreciate them more. Tour guides help the average visitor to understand wine making terminology, grape variances, and what to look for in their own favorites. 

5. The Tasting Area. Finally, you get a chance to taste a few wines yourself (if you haven't done so on the tour) at the tasting room. This is a public-facing area with tables and ambiance in which to try a glass, a bottle, or a flight (a selection of samples chosen either by the steward or yourself). Sit down and take it all in — the view, the tour, and the wine. Guests are usually encouraged to take their time here and enjoy the point of this whole exercise — the wine.  

Ready to start your wine tour? As you progress through these five elements of the tour, your taste for wines and appreciation of the people who make them will grow and add richness to the experience. For more information, get in touch with companies like Ambassador Limousine.

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