Pack These 5 Items For More Comfort While River Rafting

River rafting is an adventurous and beautiful way to see the landscape and experience the force of nature. But while you expect the ruggedness of the trip, you don't have to sacrifice all comfort. Make your journey both healthier and more enjoyable by packing these five items for comfort on and off the water.

1. Hat with Strap

A hat is something of a must-have when you spend this long in the sun and water. It will protect you overhead, improve your eyesight on the water, and free you from any bad hair days. But be sure you pack a hat that can be secured by a strap or you'll likely lose it along the way.

2. Water Shoes

Many people pack flip-flops for when they're not in the raft or the water, but water shoes might be a more comfortable and practical choice. Flip-flops can easily be lost in the roaring rapids and provide less protection from rocky river bottoms. Water shoes are all-purpose on land and in the water, keeping your feet happy and healthy wherever you walk.

3. Sarong

You'll need something with which to dry off and to wear when you're not in the water. A sarong-style wrap is a simple solution that works in any situation. You can use this material in and out of the water and for added sun protection. And it's lightweight and easy to pack.

4. Dry Clothes

Once the rafting is done for the day, you will want some clean, fresh clothing to change into. Never underestimate the value of simply having a dry, new set of undergarments, a shirt, and a pair of shorts or comfortable pants. After a long, fun — but probably dirty and wet — day, clean clothing will make you feel human again. Just make sure you choose clothing that's easy to maneuver, such as button-down shirts or pullover cotton dresses.

5. Wet Wipes

Being in the water, along its coastlines, and in the raft can be a dirty business. And there are usually very few or no clean water facilities along the route. Simple wet wipes help you clean up from mud, spills, stagnant water, and riverbank dust throughout the day. And it can take the place of a quick shower on overnight trips.

If you pack a few items such as these, no matter how little space you are allotted, you're sure to have a more comfortable and more enjoyable rafting trip.

For more information about river rafting trips, contact a travel agent.

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