Dump Truck Uses: Does Your Need Make The List?

Dump trucks have more uses than most people realize. They are not just for hauling heavy loads. The following list of dump truck uses may surprise you, or it may enlighten you as to how other people have used a dump truck with great success.

Pulling Large Objects Behind

Dump trucks have immense power. They have to have that much power because of what is expected of them (i.e., hauling up to five tons per load in the dump bed of the truck). That said, they can also pull things behind or hook up to chains and pull objects from ditches and ravines. They can do the oddest of hauling jobs if you know exactly how to hook the truck up to what you want to haul or pull. 

Moving Cemeteries

It does not happen that often, but sometimes cemeteries need to make more room for those being buried in the lot. As such, much older bodies in their coffins and caskets may have to be unearthed and transported to another part of the cemetery or to the expanded portion of the cemetery lot. The dump trucks may be used for both the unearthed dirt as well as for the coffins and caskets since the bed of the dump truck can hold several. If used for just the unearthed soil, the trucks can hold onto the soil until the unearthed caskets and coffins and the headstones are properly relocated and reburied, and then the dirt being held in trucks can be restored to empty holes in the ground or used somewhere else on the property. 

Landfill Hauling

What better use for a dump truck than to haul enormous amounts of garbage to a landfill? Better yet, a dump truck can help distribute new dumpings of garbage around the landfill and even out the landfill's shape by moving the "fresher" garbage around. You may have already seen a dump truck on a landfill do this once or twice. 

Road Construction Refuse

Where does all that ripped up asphalt, concrete, and rebar go after road crews rip it up out of the road? You may not see the next parts of the road construction because quite often dump trucks will collect the road construction refuse at night and haul it away. It is done this way to avoid falling debris, which, with the rebar and heavy asphalt chunks, could do some serious damage.

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