4 Ways To Get Ready For Flight Training

Learning how to fly an airplane is a unique and highly prized skill. If you want to learn how to fly a plane, there are lots of different things you can do to prepare for flight training.

Shadow Some Flight Lessons

The first thing you can do to get ready for flight training is to see if you can shadow some flight lessons at your local flight school. This will allow you to see how the flight lessons are structured and will also give you an idea of what types of schoolwork the different flight instructors require.

If you have more than one flight school in your area, you can shadow lessons at a few different schools. This will give you a feel for the different schools, and a better idea of what to expect when you take flight lessons yourself. This will allow you to customize your preparation for when you start taking flight lessons.

Invest in Some Flight Simulators

There are so many different types and levels of flight simulators, all of which are designed to help you learn more about controlling an actual airplane. There are very basic flight simulators that you can play via various apps on your phone or tablet. Then there are more complex flight simulators that you can play on your computer. Even with computer games, there are a wide variety of flight simulator games, from ones you can play with your mouse and a keyboard to ones where you use a flying wheel to play the game and enjoy a more realistic experience.

Playing with some flighting simulators can really help you learn more about the guiding principles behind how to fly an airplane. Keep in mind that professional pilots also use flight simulators, so they are not just toys: they are important training tools.

Buy a Pilot Textbook

You don't have to be taking classes in order to purchase a textbook. Look online for a free pilot textbook that you can download on your computer, or if you are more of a hands-on person, purchase a physical copy of a used pilot textbook online.

A pilot book can provide you with a wealth of aeronautical knowledge. Many textbooks are aimed at beginners, but there are also more advanced textbooks as well. Reading a pilot textbook can help you learn about the science behind flying and can really help you acquire the necessary knowledge to succeed with your pilot training.

Before you begin official flight training, it can help to shadow some flight lessons to see how they are structured, play some flight simulator games on your phone or computer, and read some basic pilot textbooks. These three steps will help prepare you for flight lessons.

For more information, contact a flying school like CalAir Aviation in your area.

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