Ways To Save On A Yacht Charter Vacation

yacht charter offers a private, relaxed, and luxurious cruise to your preferred ports and on-water destinations. Best of all, a yacht charter is much more affordable than many people realized. If you'd like to rent out a yacht, here are several ways to save on the vacation.

Book During the Shoulder-Season 

Like other travel accommodations, yacht charter prices vary over the course of the year. While different destinations peak at different times of year, every boating destination has a peak season and an off-season. If you're looking for a great time at a discounted rate, booking during the shoulder season—which is between the peak and off-seasons—is ideal.

While a yacht charter during peak-season is fun, you're going to pay a premium to rent a boat during this time of year. This is when the demand for yachts is at its highest, and the rental rates increase accordingly.

You can rent a yacht for much less during the off-season, but this has its drawbacks as well. First, some places get inclement weather during the off-season, and boating to certain destinations might be unsafe. Second, many businesses in travel destinations close during the off-season. Thus, you might find there aren't as many activities available if you come during this period.

The shoulder-season straddles the peak season and off-season. Demand isn't as high as during the peak season, so yachts can be rented for much less. There still are enough people around to justify keeping businesses open, though, so you'll have access to all of the activities that you'd want to do on your trip.

Arrive a Day Before Your Charter

Plan on flying into your port of departure at least one day before your charter begins. Yacht charters take off from beautiful areas, and you can easily spend a day exploring a yacht charter's home port. Additionally, you'll have a day to get ready for your charter, which can help you reduce the cost of the trip.

Specifically, find a local grocery store on your extra day. Yachts normally come with kitchens on board, so you can stock up on foods and beverages, and prepare meals on board as you boat around. Cooking on board will be much cheaper than eating out at a restaurant when you dock, and you'll find groceries are cheaper at a major port than at the more remote places you visit.

If you need to know how much space is available for groceries on your chartered yacht, as the company that you book with. 

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