Are You Ready To Try A Ladakh Trek? 4 Tips To Plan An Amazing Experience

A visit to Ladakh feels like a hiker's dream come true. The Himalayan landscape here offers just about every scene imaginable. Whether you love trekking though narrow mountain passes high above the earth or want to see the beauty of snow capped peaks, you can see it on a track in Ladakh. You'll also find that tours range from beginner-friendly multi-day adventures to breathtaking treks across hazards such as frozen rivers that test your mettle as an outdoor person. Either way, you want your visit to the area to be memorable, and you can use these tips to plan a Ladakh trek.

Plan a Guided Tour in Advance

There is a short window of time during the year when trek season hits its peak, and this tends to fall between June and August. If you plan on doing a group tour during the busy season, then you want to book your guide early. Doing so also gives you time to explore the different tour options that are available, and you'll be able to choose your preferred form of lodging. While you can always camp or stay in a local hotel, many people enjoy doing homestays that allow them to connect with the local people on a more personal basis.

Strive to Be Eco-Conscious

The beautiful Ladakh area is a high desert environment with a fragile ecosystem. While tourism helps the local people in the area, there are concerns about protecting their natural resources. During your time in the area, be sure to bring a refillable water bottle that you can carry with you on the trek. You will also want to practice other strategies for protecting nature such as sticking to the trail and remembering to pack out anything that you bring along on your trek. Pack wisely and follow your guide's advice, and you shouldn't have many worries about damaging the delicate territory that you cover.

Take Time to Prep for the Hike

Even beginner Himalayan treks can be challenging. The combination of high altitude and changing terrain makes these treks beautiful but also not for the faint of heart. Take time at home to prepare for your trek by hiking local paths and exercising for several hours each week. Although you don't have to be in prime condition for a baby trek, you also want to avoid pulling down your group. You will also want to spend a day or two in Ladakh before your hike if you have never stayed at that altitude before. This gives your body time to acclimatize so that you'll experience less symptoms such as shortness of breath on your hike. You'll find that this extra day or two also lets you dive into the culture better, which enhances your experience as you trek through various sites.

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