The Best Views to See on a St. Thomas Island Tour

A tour of St. Thomas Island is going to take you to the island's best beaches, and probably to a few of its historic churches. All of these sights are well worth seeing. However, there are some views that are more off the beaten path that you may want to see during a tour. Your best bet is to book a personalized tour so you can specifically ask your guide to take you to one or more of these places.

Drake's Seat

Drake's Seat is actually a bright, red bench that sits at the top of a mountain on the coast of St. Thomas. It was built in the mid-1900s with the intention of it being a resting spot for those traveling on foot. Today, it is mostly a tourist attraction. But what's best about Drake's Seat is not really the bench itself. Rather, you want to visit this spot so you can enjoy the view off into the ocean. You get a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, which really shows you how vast this body of water is and how small St. Thomas is by comparison. 

Magens Bay

St. Thomas is known for its perfect, sand beaches. But Magens Bay is a bit different. Located along the more rugged north coast of the island, this hidden beach is not as popular with tourists, so you can really enjoy the natural look of the coast. You can see mountains off in the distance to the east and the Atlantic Ocean out in front of you. The sand is soft underfoot, but more natural — not frequently groomed. Even if you only stop here for a few minutes on your tour, it's worth stopping.

Charlotte Amalie Overlook

Charlotte Amalie Overlook is a small, hidden overlook just off the main road. Your tour guide should easily be able to pull off and stop here for a moment so you can enjoy the stunning view. You can see the entire city of St. Thomas below, which gives you a sense of its layout. You can also see the harbor from the lookout. Most lookout points on the island focus on natural features, so this one is really unique with its open view of the built city.

If you take a St. Thomas personalized island tour, be sure it stops at one or more of the sites above. They offer lovely views that are well worth enjoying.

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